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Credit Repurchase

Credit repurchase: the solution to consolidate your credits!

You have accumulated several credits and you find yourself in a difficult financial situation? Credit repurchase can be a solution to allow you to find a certain financial stability. At Kreditys, we offer you a credit repurchase offer adapted to your situation, with advantageous conditions to allow you to repay your debts in the best conditions. Credit repurchase consists in regrouping several credits into one, with a single monthly payment and an interest rate often more advantageous. This solution can allow you to reduce the total amount of your monthly payments and to find a certain financial ease.

What is credit repurchase?

The repurchase of credits, also known under the name of regrouping of credits or restructuring of debts, is an operation allowing to consolidate the monthly payments of several loans into a single loan and therefore, to be debited with a single monthly payment.

With the development of the Internet, a credit consolidation request can be made directly online. But it is essential to understand the basics, the pitfalls and the good practices of this operation.

The principle of the repurchase of credits is relatively simple: the indebted households address themselves to an establishment other than that which initially granted them the funds. The latter balances all the credits with the various creditors (whether real estate credits and/or consumer credits) and the replaces with a new contract at a more attractive rate with an adjusted term.

Credit repurchase: an alternative accessible to all

Generally speaking, anyone who has one or more loans can apply for a consumer credit repurchase. Indeed, it turns out that the access to the regrouping of loans is accessible to all, whatever the personal situation of the borrowers:

  • Tenant, owner or free lodger.
  • Young or senior.
  • Employed or Retired.
  • Worker on a fixed-term contract.
  • Interim: subject to the presence of a co-borrower who has a permanent job.
  • Craftsman, merchant or self-employed,…

In short, this operation is accessible to most people. Whether the projects are in progress or in the construction phase, it is possible to apply for a credit repurchase. Objectively, the consolidation of loans is based on the profile of the subscriber.

Based on the personal (married, single, divorced, with or without children…) and professional profile of the applicant, this financial alternative takes into account the debts contracted with the different banking institutions and includes the global outstanding capital. This operation also includes the foreseeable and incompressible current expenses:

  • Energy
  • Transportation, Food,
  • Rent,
  • Reimbursement of alimony paid, if any.

In a second step, all these elements are deducted from the income (salary, state aid,…). The aim is to evaluate the borrowing capacity of the subscriber, his or her living expenses and the amount of money that he or she is able to grant to the loan consolidation each month.

What types of loans are eligible for credit repurchase?

  1. Objectively speaking, many types of loans are eligible for credit repurchase. All in all, this operation makes it possible to gather a great majority of loans. More concretely, here is an overview of the possibilities available to you to rebalance your finances:

    • Real estate loan with fixed or variable interest rate, with or without mortgage.
    • Buy back an overdraft from a bank.
    • Revolving credit.
    • Personal loan.
    • Car credit.
    • Work loan.

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The advantages of credit consolidation

  1. The first is a significant reduction in the amount of each monthly payment. For those who wish to carry out projects, this solution also offers the possibility of benefiting from an additional sum of money included in the regrouping operation.

2 .

In addition, instead of dealing with several creditors, the beneficiary now has only one contact: the institution that bought his loans. This facilitates his personal financial management, with a quick control of the bank transaction statements.

3 .

Finally, the credit repurchase is open to all people having loans in progress; in the case of a real estate loan, the solution is accessible as well to the tenants as to the owners of their principal residence, as well as to the people lodged by a third party or housed by their employer.

In order to make these reductions in monthly payments possible, in addition to the application of a sometimes lower rate, the repayment period is extended. The counterpart: the total cost of the credit will increase proportionally.

The characteristics of our offer of Repurchase of Credit.

The credit repurchase is a financial solution which makes it possible to group together several loans in progress in only one and single credit. This operation is particularly interesting for people who have taken out several loans and wish to simplify their financial management. At kreditys, we offer tailor-made credit repurchase offers, adapted to the needs and financial capacities of each client. Our team of credit experts is at your disposal to accompany you throughout the process and help you find the best solution for your financial situation.

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