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At Kreditys, we take pride in supporting entrepreneurs in achieving their ambitions. Our modern business loans offer rates set by our specialist teams. To date, we have granted nearly 450 million euros in business loans via our platform. However, you may be wondering how exactly this business financing works?

What is a business loan?

A professional loan or credit is a system of professional financing reserved for companies. Several sectors and profiles are eligible for “classic” professional loans, especially for VSEs/SMEs: hotels, restaurants, BtoB services, personal services, franchises, transport and logistics services…

This business loan helps finance needs related to the business activity in question. For example, it can be used to finance the renovation of work spaces, the purchase of equipment, the recruitment of personnel or a marketing campaign. It can also be used simply as a cash flow or to contribute to the purchase of a property.

In reality, business loans are quite similar to personal loans for individuals. They exist at fixed or variable rates and are repayable via several methods (monthly installments, prepayment…).

With Kreditys, business loans are applied for and obtained online. Lenders are individuals and/or professionals who choose to invest in the project of their choice.


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Which companies can take out a business loan?

Businesses of different sectors and sizes can take out a business loan. Here are some examples of the types of businesses that can benefit from a business loan:

Individual companies : Sole proprietors, such as the self-employed, auto-entrepreneurs and professionals, may apply for a business loan to finance their activities, purchase equipment, expand their business or meet other financial needs.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): Small and medium-sized businesses, whether limited liability companies (LLCs), corporations (SAs) or other legal forms, may use business loans to support their growth, invest in new equipment, manage working capital or expand their operations.

Startups: Early-stage startups may need financing to fund their launch, develop their product or service, hire staff, or cover their initial operating expenses. Business loans may be an option to support their growth.

Growing businesses :Fast-growing companies may seek a business loan to support their expansion, for example by opening new sites, investing in research and development, or increasing their production capacity.

Companies in the craft sector: Businesses in the craft sector, such as artisans, convenience stores, restaurateurs, etc., may need additional financing for tool purchases, facility upgrades, business expansion or other specific needs related to their business.

The characteristics of our Financing offer.

Project financing is a suitable financing solution for companies that wish to develop a project. At Kreditys, we support companies in the realization of their projects by offering them customized financing solutions. We analyze the specific needs of each project to propose a suitable financing solution. We offer advantageous financing conditions with competitive rates and flexible repayment terms to enable companies to successfully complete their projects. We are a trusted partner for companies looking for customized financing solutions.

We offer diversified loan solutions adapted to your needs.

At Kreditys, we are proud to offer a variety of online loan choices to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you need a personal loan to finance a personal project, a mortgage to buy a home, a car loan to purchase your dream vehicle, or a student loan to invest in your future, we have the right solution for you. With our user-friendly online platform, you can easily compare loan options, choose the one that best suits your needs and apply in just a few clicks.

Auto/Moto Credit

Looking to finance the purchase of your next car or motorcycle? At Kreditys, we offer a fast and easy online car/motorcycle credit solution.

Credit Repurchase

You have accumulated several credits and you have difficulties to pay them back? Credit repurchase is the solution you need to simplify your finances and reduce your monthly payments.

Business loans

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur looking for financing for your business project? At Kreditys, we offer you professional loans adapted to your needs.

Why choose the Kredytis personal loan.
  • An immediate response in principle.
  • Personalized support from the loan application to the repayment.
  • A competitive interest rate, fixed for the duration of the loan.
  • Fixed monthly payments, for easier budget management.
  • No application fee.
  • The possibility of prepayment at no extra cost.

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